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Our Investment Process

emerging markets

Our emerging markets strategies combine disciplined screening with original, fundamental research in a “Thematic Growth” philosophy: Our proprietary databases help us identify promising themes such as favorable long-term demographic trends or near-term benefits resulting from changes in commodities pricing, interest rates, exchange rates, or regulation.  Through original, fundamental research, we then seek high-quality growth companies that fit the investment themes we have developed and that, in our view, are:

  • Undervalued relative to their estimated earnings and cash-flow growth; and
  • Poised to deliver excess returns.

We seek to minimize risk through various means, including diversification.


Our international strategies seek Intrinsic Value, or underappreciated, high-quality growth companies with:

  • Sustainable competitive advantages  (economic moats)
  • High or improving return on capital that exceeds the cost of capital
  • Strong balance sheets
  • Capable management

We seek to minimize risk via (1) a long-term oriented, private-market approach to publicly traded companies and (2) disciplined buy and sell criteria.


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